As an independent research organisation, CPS employs highly skilled researchers to execute demanding research projects.
Robin Richards Research Programme Manager
manages and coordinates the overall research programme and related activities, as well as managing the research staff of the organisation to ensure high quality research output through effective use of organisational resources. Robin studied at the University of Natal, Durban where he obtained a Masters degree and has worked for a variety of organisations in the public and non-profit sector. He has research interests in a number of fields including youth development and attitudes to democracy; urbanisation and informal settlements; HIV-AIDS; land reform; higher education transformation and Quality of Life in South African Cities.
Ogochukwu Nzewi
Senior Researcher
"Interests lie in the theory and evolution of institutions as social and political actors within the polity. Her academic repertoire includes knowledge of South African public administration and policy. Her Phd dissertation focuses on African regional integration and governance with special focus on the Pan African Parliament. As well as having an interest in institution building in the AU(NEPAD; APRM; Pan African Parliament and the Economic and Social Council ECOSOC), she has published and researched on HIV/AIDS policy (looking particularly at gender related imperatives) and on the construct of the developmental state in Africa. She is also interested in multi and trans disciplinary interpretative and qualitative approaches to theory and practical research."
Dr.Fiona White Senior Researcher
Fiona has recently joined the Centre as a Senior Researcher. Her current research interest focuses on the relationship between civil society and democracy. She has, however, over nine years of research experience in many other areas of Southern African policy and politics, having conducted studies on service delivery, labour relations, poverty reduction, skills development, community policy and health systems among others. In 2008 Fiona completed her PhD at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London, looking at the link between social movements, democracy and socio-economic inequality in South Africa. She has produced several publications including book chapters, journal articles and research reports. Fiona worked previously for the Centre for Policy Studies as researcher before leaving to further her studies in the UK. Following this she held other posts including managing the London based Business Exchange on AIDS and Infectious Diseases and teaching a degree course on African Politics at Goldsmiths College,University of London.

Gaynor Paradza
Senior Researcher

is completing her Phd in Law and Governance at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Gaynor has policy development and management experience in strategic planning;and corporate governance in relation to rural and urban development planning. Gaynor's professional research background covers rural and urban planning,education,land tenure, HIV/AIDS, Orphans and Vulnerable Children. She has also formulated and managed regional policy programmes, and disseminated information through advocacy and extensive participation in conferences and through producing publications.

Aubrey M. Matshiqi
Senior Political Associate

Specialising in national politics in South Africa, political parties, especially the rulling ANC, political succession.

Naefa Kahn
Research Associate

Formerly a lecturer in the International Relations department at the University of the Witwatersrand where she lectured on International Human Rights Law, Naefa Khan is currently a researcher at the University of Cape Town, working on Islamic Law in Africa. Her areas of interest areas are law and politics in Africa, with a special focus on North Africa, the African Union and the interplay between Islamic law and International Human Rights law in Africa. Her most recent works have included research and writing on African Constitutionalism and the legal and political ramifications of land reform in South Africa. From 2007 Ms Khan has become a co-editor for the Annual Review of Islam in Southern Africa. She holds a BALLB and a Masterís degree in International Relations from the University of Cape Town. She also completed a short course on Justice, Human Rights and Peace at the University for Peace in Addis Ababa.


Maxine Reitzes
Research Associate

Maxine Reitzes is a research associate at the Centre. She holds a BA cum laude from Rhodes University, and an MA cum laude in Social and Political Theory from Sussex University. She was a research fellow at Cambridge University from 1994-1996 on the Global Security Programme. She lectured in politics, social theory and philosophy for 11 years, before joining the research community full-time. She has 14 years of experience of policy research, and was previously a Senior Researcher at the CPS. She was also a Director of the Democracy and Governance Programme at the Human Sciences Research Council. She specializes in migration and civil society, but is also interested in, and has researched in the areas of local government, democratization and governance and identity. She has worked for a variety of local and international funders and clients. She has also published articles, chapters in books and research reports, both nationally and internationally.


Thabiso Sebei
Junior Researcher

He has recently joined the Centre as a Junior Researcher.He has an honours degree in public administration and has an interest in the areas of public participation in policy making and local government in South Africa. Previously he has worked for the department of Correctional Services as an intern as well as the Centre for Public Service Administration (CPSI) which falls under the department of Public Service and Administration, in Centurion, before joining the Centre


Lebogang Mokwena

She has recently joined the Centre as a Researcher.She holds a masters degree in Poverty and Development from the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. Her main research interests include: poverty and vulnerability analysis, social protection, gendered migration in Southern Africa, electoral politics and governance, participatory policy processes, as well as youth development.



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