Field Research

CPS places a high premium on field research – gathering information on political, social, economic, governance and democratisation trends at the grass roots of society.

We believe effective policy-making is impossible unless it relies on a thorough understanding of the behaviour and attitudes of citizens, particularly those who do not enjoy access to policy processes. Field work on voter expectations, household energy use, housing policy implementation, local development politics and African politics has unearthed valuable information which has often contradicted widely held beliefs among policy-makers, and has laid a foundation for better policy-making.


Under the above-mentioned CPS Research Progamme, CPS runs the following series:

  • Public sector series;
  • Polictical economy series;
  • Provincial governance series;
  • Local government series;
  • Social policy series;
  • Foreign policy series; and
  • International relations series.

CPS is also increasingly seeking partnerships and joint projects with similar institutions in other societies, particularly in Africa and other middle-income developing societies.

CPS will embark on a drive to reach out to Africa’s top scholars and researchers and provide a forum to share ideas. This will give us access to fresh ideas and an international perspective, enriching the search for solutions in Africa.